Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter because there is a lot at stake. Potential consequences include loss of employment, hefty fines, ruined reputation and jail time. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, you need an experienced law firm like the Law Office of Barbara VanTine for the best possible outcome. Attorney Barbara VanTine has had many successes defending clients charged with a criminal offense, such as dismissal of charges, reduction in charges, parole instead of prison and reduced jail time. The Law Office of Barbara VanTine has the legal skill set to develop the best criminal defense strategy.

Thorough Investigation: Attorney Barbara VanTine

Attorney Barbara VanTine does a thorough investigation of the criminal manner. This includes speaking with law enforcement, getting statements from witnesses, visiting the crime scene and getting your side of the story. When needed, she also uses crime reconstruction experts to build a strong defense. This law firm is also experienced in evaluating DNA evidence, ballistic reports and other specialized evidence.

When the evidence points toward guilt, it may be best to opt for a plea bargain. She has strong relationships with the prosecutors and will attain the best deal for you. Plus, she will advise you of both the pros and cons of taking a plea deal.

From Arraignment to Trial:

The Law Office of Barbara VanTine works closely with their clients from arraignment to trial. They keep clients in the loop of the whole process to avoid any unexpected surprises. If the case does go to trial, she will be prepared with exhibits, evidence and witnesses to support your innocence. Attorney Barbara VanTine is a powerful criminal defense attorney in the courtroom. Keep in mind that you’ll need an experienced criminal defense attorney, as criminal prosecutors work hard to show guilt. She’s a strong legal advocate to have in your corner. And if for any reason the outcome is unfavorable, attorney Barbara VanTine will file an appeal with the appellate court.

If you’re suspected or charged with a crime, it’s likely that the police will want to interview you. Don’t say anything until you speak with attorney Barbara VanTine. It’s not uncommon for alleged suspects or criminals to unwittingly give answers that raise suspicion with law enforcement.

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