Child Custody

When parents decide that they need to separate, the question of who will retain custody of the children is always a difficult one to answer. Child custody cases are almost always charged with strong emotions, and unfortunately the emotions can get in the way of making a decision that is in the best interests of the kids. Attorney Barbara VanTine is ready to help with the skills of an experienced Missouri child custody attorney.

Attorney VanTine provides a personal approach to these complicated situations, taking the time to get to know you, your children and your needs, so she can advise you on the best possible solution to your child custody questions.

 Keeping the Best Interests of the Children in Mind

When working through a child custody question, Attorney Barbara VanTine keeps the best interest of the children in mind at all times. In most cases, the children’s best interest involves retaining contact with both parents. Attorney VanTine will work hard to ensure that her clients are able to retain their influence on the lives of their children.

Often child custody cases can be determined outside of the courts, but in cases involving abuse or neglect, it may be necessary to take the case to court. Attorney VanTine knows the local courts in Camden, Miller, Laclede, Morgan and Cole Counties well, and she will help you advocate for the safety and best interests of your kids. With her help, you will have a strong advocate as you work to protect your children.

Compassionate Legal Services at a Reasonable Price

When you are going through a divorce and child custody battle, you don’t have extra money. Yet you need the services of a skilled lawyer, as this is a very important decision. Attorney Barbara VanTine is dedicated to providing her services at a reasonable price. You will be able to protect your children and retain your influence on them, all without a huge financial burden. Throughout the process, Attorney VanTine will provide compassionate care and ensure that you understand exactly what is happening in your case.

Don’t put your children’s safety and best interests at risk, or risk your ability to continue to influence your children as they grow. If you face a child custody battle, trust Attorney Barbara VanTine to help. Serving people throughout the state of Missouri, she will ensure that you have a child custody arrangement that is fair and healthy for both you and your children.

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